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  • Cluck a doodle doo

    Cluck a
    doodle doo

    The voices of animals and the charm of a spiral-shaped story that will keep the little ones laughing, talking and singing. Read More
  • A wideopen house

    A wide
    open house

    A child sits by himself on the beach, on a rainy day. Playfully, he thinks of the word ‘house’, writes it in the sand, and savors it in his imagination. For a moment, he dreams of a house and a family as big as the whole world. He then starts playing again. Read More
  • Where the city ends

    Where the
    city ends

    The child in this story engages in a conversation with an adult, his mother’s boyfriend, and starts bonding with him. The adult tells about his childhood and the slow transition from country to city... Read More
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Christian Montenegro

Nació en Buenos Aires un lindo día de octubre de 1972. Estudió historieta con Alberto Breccia y diseño gráfico en la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Trabajó tanto en la Argentina como en el exterior para publicidad, TV, web, revistas y libros:  The Creation: Pictures from the book of Genesis, El hombrecito de la Valija, Un artista del trapecio; Peleonas, mentirosas y haraganas y Cuatro gatos negros flacos (ambos con Didi Grau y Laura Varsky). Realizó diversas exposiciones en Buenos Aires, Barcelona y Berlín. Su trabajo ha sido motivo de artículos en importantes revistas de diseño europeas y recientemente fue elegido para formar parte del libro 100 Illustrators, de la editorial Taschen.

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Management of Cultural Activities

Pequeño Editor publishes illustrated books that inspire playfulness in readers of all ages, but is also very active in the management of cultural activities, setting up public readings, workshops, as well as other events that bring together artists, writers and readers.

  • Art disarms your head - Barcelona
  • Art disarms your head - Buenos Aires
  • Art disarms your head - Cartagena de Indias

Barcelona (Petit Poblenou)
Octubre 2013


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Cartagena de indias │ Hay Festival
Enero 2014

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